Consultation Fee

 Consultation Fee: €80. Each visit last 50 minutes.

What To Expect

On confirmation of your appointment, you will be forwarded a link to a questionnaire that must be completed before you attend. We will discuss the main presenting complaint(s), current dietary patterns and the desired outcomes for working with a nutritionist. You will be provided with personalised advice and recommendations – because it is personalised, it may follow in an email if more time is needed to compile it. Follow up is advised 2 weeks after the initial consultation, and every 2 weeks thereafter. Every case is different, but typically, clients should expect to commit to 3 months minimum (approx 6 sessions).

What you cannot expect from consultations with Wild Healthy are quick fixes. Anything that is not sustainable or has little scientific evidence to support it is not entertained. You are engaging in a process that is slow and sometimes painstaking; two steps forward, one step back. My goal is to put your health in your hands, using interventions that are effective long-term. Ultimately, you should expect to receive all the information and tools that allow you to thrive independently.