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Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct

As a nutritionist I come across lots of people with bloating, reflux, flatulence and overall gut discomfort on a regular basis. This can be the result of lots of things like bad food choices, lack of exercise etc. but it’s ultimately the result of malfunctioning digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are essential to our gut health and without these our food doesn’t get broken down and we don’t absorb all those vital nutrients, leading to overall gut discomfort and reduced energy levels.

Our bodies naturally produce an array of enzymes to aid in the digestion process but due to things like stress, age, unbalanced diet, poor eating habits and processed foods it’s common for our bodies to no longer produce these vital enzymes..

However, there are lots of natural things we can do to aid our digestion prior to eating. So, to name a few;

-Drink some warm water and lemon juice 20 mins before a meal,
-Have a dark green salad with lemon juice before a meal, (bitter greens like chard and rocket work great)
-Soaking a pineapple core for a few hours and drinking the water (the water is loaded with enzymes)
-Soaking alfalfa seeds and drinking the water (this produces 8 digestive enzymes and is a great one to give to babies)
-papaya is also loaded with enzymes

Our digestive health is essential to our overall health and although people say “we are what we eat” I’d agree more with the phrase “we are what we absorb”.

Remember green vegetables are packed with lots of nutrients that aid in our digestion so why not try to have something green every day and give your gut the love it deserves..

To going green!!

Wild Healthy
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