Nutrition Manifesto

Respect Thy Body, for it is the only place wherein thy self may reside, and it’s already had to put up with some crazy nonsense to date. Cut that thing some slack.

Eat Thy Veggies, for amid the noise, the statistics, and the latest research, know this to the central, immovable tenet to optimum nutrition.

Imbibum ad curam. Drink with care (alcohol, soft drinks, syrupy coffees).

Salivarum Combinus Bolus. Chew Thy Food.

Subscribe Not to Extremism, Faddism, Elitism or Disorderedism when it comes to thy food. Reach for your best, but to do not get blind-sided by a philosophy that pulls the joy and nurture out of the act of eating.

Blessed Art All the Inhabitants of This Earth. Respect the oceans and rivers, the land and the air, thy fellow beings, both human and non-human, and strive for harmony. Thine own gustation does not take precedence over the environment, so eat local, eat sustainable, eat with awareness.

Eat Not the Spoils of the Factory Floor, but revel instead in Nature’s bounty.

Share Thy Food, and thy stories, for dining together is a soulful act, and community is the glue that binds us together.

Imbibum Aqua Sufficientum. Drink Plenty of Water

Neither Gluttony Nor Asceticism Shalt Be Thy Mantra. Thou shalt not over-indulge, but neither shalt thou resort to deprivation. Moderation is thine own best friend.