Non-Diet Nutrition


Wild Healthy uses a non-diet, weight inclusive approach to nutrition. Utilising the tools and skills of the evidence-based paradigm Intuitive Eating, learn to reject strict rules and restrictions around food, and eat according to your body’s cues around hunger and satisfaction.

Your eating pattern should take multiple factors into account – your physical health, your mental health and your social engagement. You don’t have to demonise or restrict foods. Enjoyment and pleasure from food are encouraged. If you’re eating in a way that lacks joy and social engagement, it’s unsustainable.

At Wild Healthy, you will get personalised advice based on your goals, your unique timetable, your current food intake, your likes and dislikes. There is no calorie counting, no weighing of foods, no restrictions. Each client is different, so there are no generic templates, and no blanket statements.  Your advice will be tailored to you, and you decide how to implement it into your life.