Optimum Nutrition

When there’s room for improvement.

If your energy is lacking, your sleep has been a bit poorly lately, your fitness goals are plateauing, or your bloating isn’t going away, it could be a worthwhile endeavour to reach out for a couple of sessions to optimise your ‘diet-and lifestyle’

The best eating pattern should always take your overall health as the priority – your body, your mind, your community. Foods should never be demonised, nor should you be using an array of supplements to make up the deficit of nutrients from a super-restrictive eating pattern. Enjoyment and pleasure can’t be ignored. If you’re eating in a way that lacks joy and social engagement, it’s unsustainable.

At Wild Healthy, you will get personalised advice based on your goals, your unique timetable, your current food intake, your likes and dislikes. There is no calorie counting, no weighing of foods, no restrictions. Each client is different, so there are no generic templates, and no blanket statements.  Your advice will be tailored to you, and you decide how to implement it into your life.