Do you know the secret to weight loss? Do you know about the best diet for weight loss? I’m often asked for my personal and professional opinion on this, and the answer is always the same: there are no secrets to weight loss and the best diet for achieving your goal weight is any diet that you can stick with for a long time. All of them work in the short term. All of them. All the gimmicky ones, and the extreme ones, and the mega-hardcore-extreme ones; they all work. But most of them do not work long term. They are not sustainable.

The best diet should be as good for your overall health – your heart, brain, bones, colon, and pocket- as it is for your waistline. Foods should never be demonised, nor should you be using an array of supplements to make up the deficit of nutrients from an uber-restrictive eating pattern. Everyone knows how to lose weight, but where most people struggle is either the initiative to start, or the maintenance over time.

At Wild Healthy, you will get you started on your weight loss journey, and you will keep it going. I specialise in personalised plans based on your goals, whether it is 5kg weight loss, or 25kg, to include caloric restriction for sustainable weight loss; coaching through self-sabotage; meal plans, recipe ideas, and shopping lists all based on personal food preferences and financial resources; and outsourcing personal trainers or counsellors to assist you further.