I decided to see Carla following recommendations from friends. I wanted to improve my running times. I knew some things were not right based on past advice I was given. The changes that she recommended had a huge impact on my performance, leading to amazing times in races. I achieved levels I would never have expected to achieve. Not only this but she took on board all my goals and worked a plan to achieve all of these. I would highly recommend Wild Healthy to anyone. She was always there to help no matter what my question was.


I attended Wild Healthy Nutrition as I was sick of having no energy. Since attending Wild Healthy, my energy levels have increased significantly allowing me to return to more of my daily activities. This has also allowed me to start focusing on other aspects of my life through my nutrition. I would definitely recommend Wild Healthy to everyone. The benefits have been great and I think others would benefit greatly from her help.


Having a diagnosis of H-Pylori, I really wanted to get advice on how to maintain my digestive health and also was keen to get nutritional advice regarding general wellness. My partner and I were planning to try for a baby in the coming months and I wanted to get on top of my overall health for this reason also. Carla was so supportive and welcoming when I went to see her and really took the time to find out as much out about me and my circumstances as possible. After our one hour consultation she sent me an incredibly comprehensive document which included a range of suggestions for my diet and wellness overall. Something that I really appreciated was Carla's attention to the role of stress in my life and the importance of activities such as mindfulness and meditation. Her friendly and warm manner in combination with expertise and clear passion for nutrition made this such a positive experience for me. And at the same time she was realistic with me in terms of what was manageable and what would fit in with my lifestyle.


I had been feeling like I was stuck in a rut in terms of my eating habits. A fast paced lifestyle, living on my own and lots of stress triggers meant my food intake had become another thing to worry over. I also wanted to find a way to help my digestion and manage bouts of IBS-related issues. Carla was straight-talking and so supportive. Her approach was thorough and she backed up a lot of her advice with some fairly impressive scientific explanations (she drew a diagram of the digestive system, its basic functions, and it really stuck with me). But all the information aside, Carla was direct and fair and funny and most of all had bucket loads of empathy. She's not just preaching good practice- at the heart of it all she really cares. And that is incredibly encouraging and motivating. I couldn't recommend Carla highly enough.


I decided to contact Wild Healthy as I had been feeling poorly for some time. Blood tests showed that my thyroid function was borderline underactive, and I also had really poor digestive function (have done for years). It was all just getting worse and worse. Carla sent me a comprehensive questionnaire which I completed and returned to her (as I live some distance from her base in Dublin). Very quickly I received Carla’s recommendations. I pretty much put her advice into action immediately and within a couple of days I honestly started to feel better. My energy levels increased dramatically. Digestively, I cannot remember a time when things have functioned as well. I had my thyroid bloods redone by my GP at the 6 week mark and my thyroid function had completely normalised. When I left the surgery, I called the clinic to tell Carla the great news, I was so happy and relieved, and there were tears. She checked in with me by email every few weeks to see how I was getting on or if we needed to change anything. I am happy to report that all is well, but should things change, Wild Healthy will be my first port of call.


I was diagnosed with fatty liver about a year ago but not given much advice about what to do next. I searched online for a nutritionist that could help me and found Wild Healthy. I had no expectations and thought if I just had one session to help me understand what the diagnosis meant and get some tips I could manage the rest myself. I had 6 sessions with Carla in total over the last year, and my GP was encouraged by my repeat blood tests - my bad cholesterol was lower, my triglycerides were lower, my long term sugars were better, and my liver enzymes had almost normalised. I've learned a lot about myself too - I find change a bit difficult - but Carla respected the pace I was able to go at.