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Whole Food Dining in Dublin

Whole Food Dining in Dublin

As part of October’s 30 Day Kick in the Whole Challenge, I’ve been challenging my propensity to regularly dine out. I eat breakfast a couple of times a week in town as part of my morning study routine, grab dinner a couple of times a week after work when I’m feeling wiped and can’t face cooking, and get takeaway once a week, usually coz I’ve cleaned the house and I don’t wanna start messing it up again with dishes and garlic smells. It’s the blessing and the curse of living in the city. Everything is very handy, but sometimes it’s too handy. So this last fortnight I’ve re-evaluated where and what I’m eating, and I’ve whittled my preferred haunts down to four, that I can say with certainty offer an exceptional whole foods approach to dining. First on my list is Staple Foods in Temple Bar.

I went into Staple Foods on Day 2 of their relocation to Curve Street. They had a teeny tiny kiosk in the arch in Temple Bar before that, that somehow I never knew about. It was tiny. I emphasise this because they are currently expanding, and opening a second, even bigger premises in Merrion Square in a matter of weeks, and it’s amazing to watch a business grow through demand as well as entrepreneurialship.

Staple Foods is aptly named. Its menu includes the fundamentals to a healthy, well-balanced diet. It could also be named Why Can’t We All Just Get Along, and proof that vegans and paleos eat very similarly, with the one big obvious exception. But the fundamentals should always be shared; minimal processing, healthy fats, high quality protein, and an abundance of veg.
Breakfast Highlight:
The pancakes are my pick off the menu every time. Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and egg free, they are fluffy and delicious and filling.

IMG_4419.JPG Stacked 3-4 pancakes high, they are made from buckwheat flour and sweetened with agave syrup, then topped with strawberries and a strawberry jus, and a cashew and mandarin oil nut paste/butter.

Brunch highlight:
For me it’s a Daddy or Chips scenario for choosing the brunch highlight (I can never get in midweek for lunch so I’m only a weekend brunch girl) and it comes down to the falafel versus the kofte. Pretty similar trappings, and to the untrained eye it looks like the same dish: 3 balls of yum atop a bed of shredded nom.

The kofte is aubergine and almond, baked and served on shredded cucumber, mint, and mixed leave salad with a zesty orange dressings and some kind if tahini jazzle. Unreal, hi! 

The falafel is 3 balls of chickpea, herb, and spice, baked, and served on a bed of root veg slaw with a homemade hummus and harissa topping. Unbelievable, hi!

Honourable Mention: The Sides

Twice I’ve gone in there and just ordered the 4 sides. There’s the roasted sweet potato cubes, the root vegetable crisps, the courgetti, and the 7grain bread with hummus and guacamole.

I’ve been into Staple Foods every week since it opened about 4 months ago. I’ve sat alone collecting my thoughts, studied for finals, met friends, plotted my own business model, or drank cocktails, and each and every time left the place full to the brim with good food and good ideas. It’s a quality place, a real gem in the middle of the city. Added to the great location, there’s the amazing 3fe coffee, the best playlist known to man, and the loveliest, most helpful staff. Most importantly, though, it’s a place you can go to socialise where your goals and your ethics are welcome. Cross-fitters, raw foodists, meat-heads, juice cleansers, ovo-lacto’s, marathoners, fitfammers, vegans, paleos; if your goal is to eat real food, it’s the best place in Dublin to do it. THAT’S something we all really can agree on. 

Click for Staple Foods‘s Facebook Page

Here is their full weekend brunch menu, including all the amazing non-vegan dishes that I for obvious reasons haven’t tried or tested. I have it on good authority that they’re fantastic, though. 


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