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Wild Interesting: A Cold Furnace

Wild Interesting: A Cold Furnace


A recent Runner’s World article has published the findings of a study conducted by The Journal of Clinical Investigation. Their research has shown promising justification for the insanity that is running in the cold. During the study, volunteers spent 2 hours a day sitting in a room set to 17 degrees Celsius. Six weeks later, their energy expenditure had raised significantly, prompting fat loss of up to 5.2% of total body fat. It has been noted that the cold weather raises our resting metabolic rate as the body adjusts to keeping vital organs warm and snug (that’s the technical term). So running on an already elevated RMR can really capitalise on gains and promote caloric burn and fat loss. It also keeps the winter blues away, and is one of the best ways to heat yourself up when you’re freezing your wee socks off. Next time your partner tells you you’re crazy for stepping outside in 2 degree heat, tell them you’re off to warm up! Fat loss is just an incidental bonus, isn’t it?!

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